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The Ultimate Nightly Moisturiser To Lock In Moisture & Help You Wake With a Natural Glow 🌿

All The Vitamins 

Minerals You Need

 In A Single Bottle

What's In a Capsule?

​Each capsule contains 500 mg of 100% pure Moringa 5000 Leaf Powder: The leaves are the most nutrient-rich part of the plant, giving you the maximum benefit.

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Night Cream (JS Premium Collection)

What's In The Night Cream?

Argan Oil, CMC (Cellulose based gelling agent), Vegetable glycerine, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Moringa oil, Baobab oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosewood oil, Macula oil, and Ylang ylang.

  • Helps:

  • Deeply Nourish & Replenish Skin Overnight

  •  Promote Skin Cell Regeneration

  • Detoxify Skin While You Sleep

  • Rejuvenate & Nourish Skin

  •  Toxin, Heavy Metal & Pesticide Free

  • Suitable For Vegetarians

  • 100% Natural

  • Proudly South African

Have you ever heard the saying: If you go to bed ugly, you'll wake up looking beautiful? 

Now this might be a slight exaggeration, because no one is going out of their way to do a 25 step skincare routine at night and go to bed looking like a mummy, we don't want you to either. After all we want you to achieve your skincare goals in the easiest way possible. 

BUT we also don't want you to wake up looking like a zombie...

Most people don't realise, but neglecting nighttime skincare can lead to faster ageing, causing your skin to look and feel dull, tired and less elastic. aka you wake up looking like a ZOMBIE! 🧟😟

Did you know that during the night, your skin's ability to absorb nutrients increases significantly? This means your nighttime routine is crucial for achieving radiant, youthful skin.

With our Night Cream, just a pea-sized amount applied to the skin every night is all you need. The Night Cream is especially great for deeply nourishing and replenishing your skin while you sleep.

We've all heard about letting your money work while you sleep, why not help your skin to do the same.

Try our Night Cream Now.

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