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About Us

Moringa 5000 Origins by Jenny Scott

13 Years ago, Brian had a dream in which God told him to feed 5000 people. He woke me up suddenly to tell me we would be feeding 5000 people. At first I thought it was impossible, as at that stage we had very little income, but nothing is impossible with God.

We started meeting with community garden groups, which were all made up by women, to plant moringa trees and teach their communities about the enormous benefits of using the dried leaves. The process was very slow and sometimes we would become very despondent, but we never gave up as we felt God was leading us.

We had some successes where the Moringa trees thrived and the leaves were picked and dried by the community. We have one particular lady, Dumileni, who has been growing, drying, milling and then selling Moringa powder at her nearby clinic ever since. We are so delighted that Dumileni has an income from Moringa, as this is what our ministry is all about.

This Moringa Community Project led to the start of Moringa5000. We began by selling Moringa powder at the Shongweni farmer's market in Hillcrest, South Africa. We would packet the powder into small ziplock bags with a label that I (Jenny) designed and printed. These were extremely small beginnings.

However, we persevered and found some health shops who were interested in selling our Moringa powder. We went on to use the same packaging and labelling that we still use to this day. You can now find us in majority of the pharmacies in South Africa, including in all the Dis-Chems, Clicks stores, plus several others as well as right here on our online store.


Moringa Community Project

The project provides the Moringa tree to families and community projects in the Valley of 1000 Hills. The community benefits firstly from consuming the leaves and pods daily. Secondly the excess produce will be purchased then processed into Moringa 5000 products for market. This allows income generation for the local community.

Brian and Jenny Scott began the Moringa 5000 ministry after Brian was given a vision one night of 5000 people being fed, as in the Bible passage from Matthew 14 where Jesus feeds the crowd.

Verse 21 reads, “the number of those who ate was about 5000 men, besides women and children”, so the ministry was named to honour Jesus Christ.

The vision confirmed their belief that they are doing Gods work by using the Moringa Oliefera tree to alleviate hunger in rural areas in South Africa.

The projects main goal is to plant 5000 trees in the valley of 1000 hills and surrounding areas in KwaZulu Natal in a sustainable way whereby all recipients can be well nourished and have a way of supplementing their income.

10% of all proceeds from your Moringa 5000 purchase goes towards ensuring the sustainability of the Moringa Project.

Here are the Steps:


We grow the trees from seed with help from the public, to subsidise the project.


We then sell the saplings to the communities at the subsidised price as to ensure ownership of the tree!


We teach the community how to look after the tree and how to use it in their daily lives, to get maximum benefit from the trees.


The community uses the trees for their own use. They can eat the tree, use it to purify water, among other things.


We will help the communities setup a collection/processing depo (which will also create local jobs). We will buy back leaf product to help further the projects effectiveness as well as keep things local.


The bought back leaf product will be used to produce Moringa 5000 products which are on sale and 10% of all proceeds are reinvested in the tree planting campaign and so the project continues!


Where does Moringa come from?

The Moringa tree (Oleifera) originates from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in India. The seed was brought to South Africa some 160 years ago by the indentured Indian labourers.

Also known as the Miracle Tree ...

Moringa is also known as the Drumstick Tree due to the attractive long seed pod, and Miracle Tree due to the fact that it is so nutritious and beneficial to our health.

Nutritional benefits

Our Moringa products have been independently verified and comply with Proudly South African standards. You can be rest assured that our products adhered to the strictest quality controls and contain no fillers just 100% pure Moringa product.


Health Benefits
  • Increases immune system
  • Promotes liver/kidney functions
  • Helps sleep related disorders
  • Reduces arthritis inflammations
  • Aids stabilising diabetes
  • Decreases anxiety/depression
  • Promotes healthy cell structure
  • Aids stabilising blood pressure
  • Nourishes brain and body
  • Supports sugar levels
Nutritional info
Here is a comparison between Moringa and other foods: