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Benefits and Nutrition

Why use Moringa 5000?

Moringa is a superfood with so many benefits such as:

- Immune Booster

- Increased Liver/Kidney function

- Better sleep

- Reduces Arthritis inflammation

- Decreases Anxiety/ Stress

- Mineral Rich, aids in strengthening your bones, blood, skin and cells.

Is Moringa 5000 good for athletes?

Moringa is one of nature's steroids, with the amount of nutrition and with how mineral rich it is, it will definitely\ease athletic performance if taken properly. There are many athletes who use Moringa already. (Click here to find out more)


What Moringa 5000 Products will help my skin?

We have an entire range of skincare products, which are all specially designed to nourish and cleanse your skin! (Click here to see)

How do I consume Moringa 5000?

Moringa 5000 capsules can be consumed twice daily, two capsules at a time. For leaf powder we recommend 1-2 teaspoons daily in either a smoothie or your meals. Tincture you can take 10 drops twice daily. For other products, please see product descriptions as the direction for use will be on them.

Does Moringa 5000 help you sleep better?

Moringa 5000 is packed with vitamins and minerals that help heal your body, but if you are wanting to sleep better, we 100% recommend our CBD drops (Click here to view them)

Is Moringa 5000 Organic?

Yes, our products are 100% organic.

Can I take different Moringa 5000 products at the same time?

Yes you can, but just like most things, moderation is recommended, but there are no negative side effects from taking more Moringa as opposed to less. (Unless you have underlying health issues and your doctor has specified otherwise)


How long does shipping take?

3-5 days, but could take longer depending on whether or not you stay in an outlaying area.

What are our payment options?

You can either pay via card or via instant EFT, you can manually EFT your order to orders@moringa5000.co.za should you wish to.

How do refunds or returns work?

Please click here for more info


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